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Ribcap Helmets back in stock!!

Well, that a helmet will save your life has been said before but why not to be safe still looking cool?!?

Here you have the solution, Ribcap Helmets!
This great and innovative product that just arrived directly from Switzerland looks just like a soft winter beanie but in addition will keep your head safe and really warm.

If you still dont have an idea for a Christmas present, here you have it :)

Have a look at some techincal specs: High-tech protectors made out of StructUreTM are sewn.in in every Ribcap. These are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures. The laminate StructUre TM-SAF has the following characteristics: - Energy absorbtion thanks to viscoelastic properties - Protection effect also in cold and wet conditons - light weight - porous and breathable - free of solvents And last but not least, Ribcaps have been tested and here is what Remy Willinger (head protection expert and biomechanics professor at the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg) says about them: “Ribcap prevents head trauma – in all tested impact situations, heads protected by Ribcap showed significantly lower injury risks”