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BLB LaPiovra "MAX"

You might have seen the preview of our new LaPiovra "MAX" at the recent Bespoked Bristol show, well, this beauty is now available!

Custom and hand-built especially for you this frame uses Columbus MAX tubing, one of the most important and famous tubeset ever made by the great italian company.
This Tube set was originally created, over a decade ago, for special racing bikes made from the exclusive Nivacrom® steel that has exceptional strength characteristics.

After being discontinued for many years, this tube-set is finally available again so don't loose the opportunity to get yours now for just £999, and remember that this is a custom build so you can have it with whichever paint-job you prefer :)

VIA Titanium quick-releases

Here you have the first product of the VIA road range, the Titanium quick releases.

These quick releases have a titanium axle and carbon lever which results is an amazingly light and strong QR axle (only 42.5g for the set!!).

Available instore and on our webshop
in sets of front and rear.

BLB coloured track nuts

Here you have the all new steel BLB Track Nuts.

Steel ED finished, enabling the addition of colour to steel without compromising the strength!

Available in a variety of hot colours, from the classic Black and Silver to the jazzy Gold, Pink, Green, Red and Blue these nuts come in two different sizes - 9mm (M9) and 10mm (M10).

Get them instore or directly from our webshop.

BLB Wing nuts

Your beloved BLB Wing nuts are finally back in stock!

These polished steel nuts are available in front (9mm) and rear (10mm), pop in the shop to have a look at them or get them directly on our webshop here.

BLB carbon seatpost

Here you have the latest product part of our carbon line, the new BLB FULL carbon seat post.

The matte finish is a perfect match to the rest or our carbon range, but even on its own it would be a sexy upgrade to any bike.

The full carbon seapost offers an impressive shock absorption and the advanced dual-fit clamp allows for easy fitting and increased strength.

This gorgeous seatpost available in the the standard 27.2 version and in the over-sized 31.6 can be purchased in store or on our webshop .

BLB TT brake lever

Due to big request, here you have the BLB TT levers.

These individually sold, lightweight and elegant time-trial levers are available in the alloy version or in the super lightweight carbon version which weight only 47.5 grams!!

These are available in three different colours, silver, matte black and carbon and they are available now instore and on our webshop.

To check all the different colours click "more" and for all the specs go here.